Grant Jackson

Coffee, Food, Coding

About Me

Full-Stack Web Developer with a background in hospitality and problem solving. I have earned a certificate in Full Stack Development from the UT Coding Bootcamp. Through the program I attained knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, Mysql, Node.js and React. Through the many jobs I had in the hospitality industry, the highest of which was a GM of a restaurant, I have the skills to think on my feet and solve the daily problems that arise in the everyday work environment. Now changing careers I am developing a passion for coding and problem solving. Now I’m ready to start my career in web development and discover more web development tools to put in my web development toolbox.

Originally from the suburbs of Chicago I moved to Austin in the summer of 2013. I have been working in the restaurant industry since high school and have a degree in culinary. I have held many positions from line cook to general manager but my favorite was bartending on sixth street. Deciding that I needed a career change I’m moving on to computer science.



Peer 2 peer outdoor equipment rental site.

Written in MERN stack.

Later List

Website to save a list of media to watch or listen to later.

Written in Javascript, Node.js, and using Mysql as a database.

Music App

Bands In Town Clone.

Written in Javascript with jQuery.

Bands In Town API key expires every 3 months.


Google Book Search

CRUD app that uses google book api.

Written in MERN stack.

Clicky App

Memory game where you can't click the same card twice.

Written in React.


Scraping info from another website and putting into my own.

Written in javascript, node.js and using mongoDB as a database.

Burger App

Crud app where you can create a burger and move it into another section.

Written in javascript, node.js and using Mysql as a database.

Friend Finder Clone.

Written in javascript, node.js and using Mysql as a database.

Rock Paper Scissors

Real time rock paper scissors game.

Written in javascript, node.js and using firebase as a real-time database.

Giphy App

Find the gif you are looking for with this site.

Written in javascript, pulling from the giphy API.


Coffee Trivia Game.

Written in javascript, using timers to push the player along.

Star Wars RPG Game

Select a charecter and become the champion.

Written in javascript.


Guess the streets of Austin in my first work with javascript.

Written in javascript.